Back to roots: Discover magic of sound

Sound can be said is the oldest language present even before words or languages came into existence. Be it the waves of water, birdschirping or trees gently swaying with the wind, everything in nature carries a unique beautiful sound that has a deep impact on mankind since times immemorial. 
Our bodies and minds has the capability to react differently to different sounds both positively (listening to the sweet sound of a cuckoo bird in morning has a calming effect on the mind) and negatively (constant hammering that causes irritation). Since ages, sages have meditated and hummed ‘Aum’, a powerful word that creates a vibrational sound in the universe. In fact Tibetan monks took it one step forward by using tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls — which not only relaxed and brought instant peace but also stimulated healing.
Sound therapy is one of a growing number of traditional subtle-energy therapies that make up the field of vibrational medicine. Our bodies function on certain energy frequencies which can be reattuned when they go off balance using both human voice as well as instruments. Sound therapy not only helps tackle physical illness but also balance the emotions and quieten our ‘monkey’ mind. People have reported feeling calm and relaxed following the treatment. For some, this feeling will last several days. 
Learn this traditional healing therapy from renowned Guruji Trisha Gill under whose powerful spiritual guidance, many people from across the world have benefited. What are you waiting for, hop in for a powerful ride and discover the magic of sounds. 

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