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2 thoughts on “Meditate wisdom’S family Tribute to corona fighters

  1. Abilash jolly says:

    Stay at your home , collect your food and other supply’s ,have fun with your family , connect others through online,and let the earth heal itself… And to all the health workers out there “good job you are our new army of soldier we will be praying for all of your to fight the enemy down” we have hope on you all… We all are proud of you all… It’s because of your dedication we are still safe thank you”

  2. Manisha namdeo says:

    I salute our polis and Dr. They work for us and also salute our enggineers evry person who doing hidden work some people knows and some people dont knows .and salute to them . Plz pray ki yh corona name ki mahamari khatam ho gayi h mata rani ki kripase.isko bhi hum sab milk hara denge .. be happy smileeee
    Plz all of you stay home and safe ..

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