Best fast weight loss food

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We always look for food that keep you fill so that you eat less, after that we always worried about less eating gives fatigue and laziness and serious impact on health specially those who have blood pressure and diabetes.

now we will learn about the food that help you loose without impacting your health and without compromising your daily routine, improves your skin make your more active.

Buckwheat Is pseudo cereal

Yes, you heard right buck wheat is that magical seeds that provides all this in one pack. Locally we eat buck wheat during Navratri’s is also known as Kuttu ka Aata.

In other languages kutto in Gujarati , papparai in tamil.

10% dietary fiber, 3% fat, 13% protein, and 10% water

Benefits of buck wheat

  • Prevention  of cancer
    It is found People who consume the seeds frequently have less chances of breast cancer.
  • Prevents heart diseases
    Rutin is present in buck wheat primary antioxidant for heart. reduces the chances of heart diseases. Excess body fat leads to many heart diseases it helps to reduce bad cholesterol, keeps your heart healthy
  • Blood sugar management
    Its controls blood sugar its is found the people who consume regularly have controlled blood sugar. Balanced blood sugar keep you active overall health improvement and craving for sweet reduces.
  • Improves digestion
    Natural appetite suppressant prevents over eating. This is important if you are looking for weight loss because when we want to loose weight food craving is the most difficult thing that we face. It also strength our intestines and cleanse it. so we get perfect bowel motion. Improper digestion also lead to unhealthy life, eating buck wheat will make you thirsty so your drink more water and hydrated body gives you glowing skin also help you to stay healthy while loosing fat.
  • Boosts immune system
    Buckwheat has antioxidant components such as tocopherols, phenolic acid, selenium, and flavonoids,
    healing faster and protect you from many diseases in today’s environment while loosing weight fast. We want to keep our immunity stronger buckwheat which are excellent at finding and eliminating free radicals.
  • Rich source of protein
    fast weight loss with diet we need strength to do some exercise for muscles recovery and doing the workout more effectively. Buckwheat proteins is very easy to digest and vegetarian option of high quality proteins. Its also make you full your stomach less craving for food and balanced your diet. That’s why people eat in fast to get energies to perform difficult sadhanas.
  • Reduce risk of gall stone.
    Its insoluble fiber reduce risk of gall stone. That’s why it is considered as super food.
  • Prevents asthma attacks
    Buckwheat rich in magnesium and vitamin E Prevents asthma development in kids.
  • Improves bone health.
    Rich in zinc and selenium helps your body to absorb calcium and makes your bones and teeth stronger. Its found that reduce chances of development of osteoporosis
  • Improves ovary health
    D-chiro-Inositol (DCI) natural source good for fertility in women. PCOS cystic disorders buckwheat is natural fighter. Increases the chances of ovulation. lowered blood circulation.
  • Prevents anemia
    buck wheat is rich in iron which is responsible for red blood cells of body. It reduces chances of anemia. which lead to weakness and lethargic body.

    How we can forget about mental health its help you to keep your mood good and helps you to destress yourself.
    while writing about it , I feel it one food many benefits once should eat once every week. What you think please comment.
    You might have tasted this during Navratri but now you eat , every bite with lot of happiness and enjoyment as it is a superfood and have lot of benefits.
    After learning so much about it I hope you plan your weight loss and loose extra pounds and live more healthy life.
    Motivate yourself seriously this help me to loose a lot that’s why I thought of writing about it here.
    Personally I would recommend small quantities like 100 grams is good and regular consumption water intake is important as it is food of mountain colder weather. if you feel heating body take it alternatively.

    I heard 80% digest and 20% exercise in weight loss. but choosing right food while dieting is also very important, this superfood will keep your energy level elevated and fresh whole day.
    if you like this article comment below and find out my more article on weight loss.
    Sandeep Agarwal (author)

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Best fast weight loss food

We always look for food that keep you fill so that you eat less, after [...]

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