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Ancient vastushastra provides us the knowledge to gain money success and happiness. Its a knowledge of directions and creation of space that not only help us to live but with harmony and success.

We all want promotion, stability of money flow growth. For every business its important to have stable money flow and gains to growth matter business is small or big we all want money flow with an increment.

In this we will learn about tips that will help you to understand problems and remove obstacle in your business so, you can climb ladder of your success faster and achieve your dreams. our earth movement impact out life, plants and other organism on this planet. It create positive and negative impact on out body and mind.

North gives Money opportunities opens up new connections and deals. if you have earth element or fire element loss of money and growth stagnancy. Customer creates issues and problems with dealing and qualities and performance issues. Sometimes we feel like its a bad luck and business goes down but its only because of blockages of north direction.

For enhancement of skills
South West element is earth on your table
Keeping all your tools in this direction like tarot card ,pen ,diary and all things that belongs your profession.

first understand

We will see few things before starting what is office is all about. What is the role of person in the office?

Lets see where you should sit in the office if you are a skilled worker like astrologer, painter, doctor you should sit in south west.

Plants in office

North is for sales more customers and sales make sure that direction is free from earth element and fire element to get sales abundance.

South west in office is loss of customers and loss of money and connection with customers and negative thought process because of plants on south west.

Green plants in north to grow customers and success.

For cash flow Stabilize in south east.

In the east become more socialize and good customer relations.

for more tips on office Vaastu please see our Vaastu categories.

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