Lord Shani

Lord Shani : A punisher or rewarder?
Planet Saturn, popularly known as Shani Dev as per Hindu astrology, is one of the most feared of all planets. Lord Shani is the son of Surya (Sun) andChaya (Shadow). Since Lord Shani was a sincere and dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva, he was given the authority to reward or punish people as per their good and bad deeds. The popular belief that Lord Shani unleashes ill-luck on an individual is totally false. In fact is it is the planet that offers justice. Your good deed is generously rewarded by Lord Shani. Also, when a person repents for his misdeeds and engages in good actions, Shani easily melts and rewards those who pray to him with utmost sincere devotion. So ultimately, your actions define the quantum of rewards or punishment. Saturn visits a person’s horoscope once in every 25 years affecting them for about 7.5 years. This is called Sade Sati period. This period comes two or three times in an individual’s lifetime.

One of the easiest ways to win Lord Shani’s blessing is by doing selfless charity. Voluntarily giving alms to the poor, donating clothes, blankets and footwear to the needy without any expectation of a favourable outcome are some of the deeds that really impress Lord Shani. Also offering oil to the Lord and lightly rubbing it on his neck and feet is often considered to give him relief and thus can earn you a blessing.

One of the things that Saturn is trying to teach us is to be humble by always helping the needy. Following a disciplined life and refraining from bad habits like cheating, lying and hurting others is again something the powerful lord appreciates and rewards. Saturn in fact helps to even declutter and frees us from negativity influences that hold our growth.The difficulties faced during the 7.5 years is a way to make us learn to appreciate all the goodness offered by life as a whole and strive to be better human beings. Worshiping the lord and following some of these tips on the contrary will fill one’s life with prosperity, good health and peace. So stop fearing, keep doing good deeds and be blessed million fold by the mighty lord!

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